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Aluminium is a light silver-coloured metal that stands at as 13 element in periodic table. Aluminium is a product which is three time lighter material than iron. It also a strong and long life material with high resistance power as in iron. Its oxidation is high so its quality is better than and durability is also higher than iron. It is also as stronger as iron and flexible also. It also energy saving material and precise in use.

Due to its property of high resistance and corrosion effect and high flexibility made it high in demand. It is also has been possible to make aluminium in different colours as you want it should be. By default colour in aluminium product is grey. As above properties and qualities of aluminium is mentioned its uses increased in the world. It is used in doors, windows, kitchen apparatus, and daily purpose products such as foil which is very thin and not dissolvable, also used in furniture at home in office and in commercial buildings also.


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Simple Aluminium

Simple aluminium is used for different purposes. The reason is that simple aluminium is strong, lightweight, durable, malleable, odourless, conductive ...

Aluminium door

Domal Aluminium

They provide an outstanding domal aluminum window. Jaipur Aluminium is one of the most famous leading companies by providing a premium quality aluminium window.

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System Aluminium

Aluminium is popular for high power of corrosion resistance. It can withstand different climatic conditions.

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Why Aluminium Door and Windws?

Because of its high corrosion, flexibility, temperature resistance quality, light in weight and some other manufacturing aspect it is widely used than other pvc , iron and wood . Aluminium is a material which is widely used in doors and windows.

Doors and windows of aluminium are very easy to install, its look and grace is also better than other, it strong in nature also. It is a better replacement of bathroom doors because it is not oxidise in water and long life safe in water than wood.

Similarly in home and office partition aluminium is most widely used no other option is better than this. Now a days windows of aluminium is used higher than wood just because of its easy installation process and care. The various product of aluminium is designed for house interior and exterior as customer demands.

Benefits of using Aluminium

There are so many benefits of using aluminium in the building and construction industry. These benefits are as follows.


Aluminium alloys are used in building to bear the heavy weight glass which an essential application for skyscrapers and office buildings.


Aluminium is lightweight and durable. It can easily be replaced or handled.

Corrosion Resistance:

Aluminium is popular for high power of corrosion resistance. It can withstand different climatic conditions.

Low cost of maintenance:

Anodized aluminium involved low maintenance cost and are long-lasting quality.


Aluminium can be recycled easily and it is environment-friendly. Aluminium is cheaper than wood which is traditionally used for doors and windows. It also Pocket-friendly: protects from termites.

Varied Colour Options

Aluminium is available in powder coating painted with a great variety of colours. So, you can get a wide range of colour options to choose according to your requirement..

Why Choose Us

Jaipur Aluminium is the well-known name in aluminium field. We are working from last 5 years in Jaipur with lots of happy clients. Our firm is the first choice of architects and interior designer in Jaipur. Our main motive is to provide best quality aluminium door windows and partition services to our valuable clients. We have all types of quality range in aluminium. Contact us for all kind of aluminium door windows repairing services. We also provide partition shifting and relocation services in all over the Jaipur. Jaipur Aluminium also deals in all kind of custom work of aluminium. Aluminium is a good wood alternative now a days. If you are looking for wood door windows alternative other than aluminium then you can also go for upvc door windows.

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