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There are several companies which manufacture and fabricate aluminium products. They offer glass glazing and aluminium composite panel. They provide an outstanding domal aluminum window. Jaipur Aluminium is one of the most famous leading companies by providing a premium quality aluminium window. Domal aluminium windows are essential to add the elegant look and aesthetic value of a commercial as well as residential area. This type of window provides protection from noise pollution, dust, and heat. These aluminium products are not only amazing but also are available at a reasonable price. Domal Aluminium is used to make different types of sliding windows.

Most popular types of windows

There are so many types of windows and some of them are:

  • Single hung
  • Awning Windows
  • Casement Windows
  • Arched Windows
  • Egress Windows
  • Garden Windows
  • Jalousie Windows
  • Round Circle Windows
  • Sliding Windows
  • Hopper Windows
  • Glass Block Windows
  • Skylight Windows
  • Picture Windows
  • Transom Windows
  • Storm Windows
  • Custom Built Windows
  • Bay & Bow Windows
  • double hung windows

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are generally open horizontally. If the space of walls is short, casement window can enclose most of the areas of the wall. But, the sliding window is a good option for short walls. This type of windows cover the walls horizontally, but they do not take extend down large areas on the wall. They are generally mounted higher position. So, you can place the furniture under the window or in line with the sliding window. You can keep your table, couch and any kind of furniture where you wish to place without thinking about the window. Sliding windows involve a simple mechanism for opening and closing easily and less possibility to break. This type of window is available in simple and stylish designs. It doesn’t create any kind of potential hazard for the people passing around outside your sliding window. The reason is that the panes of the sliding window simply move from left to right side or right to left side.

Single hung windows

The main difference between single hung window and the double-hung window is the procedure of different movement of window parts. In case of the single hung window, the lower sash or the bottom window panel moves up and down and the upper sash stays stationary. It represents that the upper sash is protected on the inside when you open the door.

Double hung windows

The double hung window is the same as the single hung windows, but its lower and upper both can move up and down. This type of window is available with insulated and tempered glass which is more durable and effective than standard glass.

We at Jaipur Aluminium have highly skilled work-power and machinery to manufacture different types of aluminium windows and other products made up of aluminium. Our major aim is to provide an exclusive product at a reasonable price. We manufacture windows and other products using domal aluminium and other kinds of aluminium materials. We deliver different products of aluminium which can fulfill the specific requirement of the customers. Our basic goal of business is to deliver different products made up of domal and other kinds of aluminium satisfying the customer’s requirement.