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Presently, there are lots of products which are manufactured by using aluminium. Aluminium door is one of the most commonly used products. It encompasses many advantages than wooden or PVC doors. The best quality aluminium doors are available at Jaipur Aluminium. There are several reasons for which most of the people like to use aluminium doors.

Advantages of using aluminium to manufacture aluminium doors

Aluminium is useful for being a flexible, durable, lightweight and good conductor of heat or thermal conductor. It is also corrosion and rust free metal. Aluminium is featured with impermeable, odourless and nontoxic. It is good enough for durability and stability. It is cheaper, stronger and lighter than wood which is traditionally used for doors. Different types of aluminium doors are manufactured due to its malleability and flexibility.

Advantages of using aluminium doors

There are several advantages of using aluminium doors and some of these advantages are as follows.

  • 1. By the application of advanced technology, aluminium doors are made up of specifically thick profiles. Special rain-forced aluminium sheets are used to make aluminium doors which can resist deformation or bimetallic effects due to extreme weather conditions. This type of stable aluminium doors will not create any problem for opening and closing irrespective of any type of weather conditions.
  • 2. Aluminium doors are manufactured from selected materials with compactness and thickness. These doors are available including advanced lock-system which can ensure more security than any other types of doors.
  • 3. Modern constructional works require a wide range of dimensions including structural stability. An exclusive range of aluminium doors involved unique technological solutions ensure easy and smooth functionality even with a great height.
  • 4. Aluminium doors are powder printed and are available in different colours. You can get different options to choose according to your requirement. These doors offer new look even after some years.
  • 5. Aluminium can be recycled and it is eco-friendly material. Aluminium doors are cost-effective.
  • 6. Aluminium doors are lightweight and they can be easily replaced and handle if there is any need for remodeling of your commercial or residential areas.

Different types of aluminium doors

There are several types of aluminium doors are available and these types of aluminium doors are:

Hinged door: Hinged doors usually consist of either glazed fixed to door jamb using two or more hinges or a solid panel door of aluminium. Additionally, hinges are normally needed to support doors with great height. Aluminium doors are good alternatives to conventional wooden doors for commercial and residential purposes.

Sliding door: Sliding aluminium doors usually open horizontally by sliding which is parallel to a wall. A sliding door comprised of one permanent panel connected to two hangers on rollers which can slide along a track. The panel can slide back and forth to make a door opening.

Sliding folding door: Sliding folding doors are made with multiple panels which can slide and stack clearly to one or two slides. Folding doors open by folding back within the panels or sections.

Stack-away door: Stack-away doors are advantageous for large openings. This type of door includes overhead sliding panels mounted to the concrete ceiling. It allows you to make partial opening or closing according to your need.