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Urbanization in India is developing rapidly. The culture of high rise residential complex has been adopted by the people. Additionally, the buildings need to be constructed in an efficient, safe, fast and eco-friendly manner. As the climatic condition is also changing rapidly, eco-friendly construction is also essential. Aluminium framework systems are developing very rapidly instead of the traditional system. There are so many systems are being included within the constructional work. Jaipur Aluminium is one of the most famous companies to manufacture different types of aluminium systems for constructional work.

Sliding system

With the ability to make large glazed regions, aluminium sliding or folding sliding doors and window systems are the right options to maximize space and minimize the partition between inside and outside. There are several options are available for opening sliding doors and windows manually and automatically. Monorail option for sliding door can be attached into the walls, multi-rail options help to open a large space and a folding option is advantageous to maximize the space.

Façade system

Façade represents the face of high rise building and is usually displayed as one of the most important design aspects. It includes a major feature and also the protection of a building. Façade system with aluminium provides a high quality thermal efficiency and maximum transparency. Aluminium-faced system offers a wide range of designs including a high-level finishing with pre-fabrication. It results in easy, quick and economic installation using limited resources. Aluminium-faced system also provides extreme stability and strength. A faced system with aluminium maintains an export quality with the highest performance needs in air-wind-water tightness.

Aluminium doors and windows system

Aluminium window systems are different types and some of these are as follows.

  • Sliding window systems have sashes which overlap each other when they move on an attached horizontal frame.
  • Casement window system includes sash hinged which helps them to swing in and out.
  • Bat window system protrudes out of the walls of a room making a hollow bay.
  • Fixed windows have no openings and these are used for little ventilation.

Aluminium door systems are different types and some of these are as follows.

  • Hinged door system consists of either glazed door or a solid aluminium panel door fixed to a door jamb using two or more hinges.
  • Stack away door systems allow for a large opening of outdoors.
  • Sliding and sliding folding doors are also available which can slide on a fixed panel.

There several advantages of using aluminium doors and windows. Some of these advantages are as follows.

Weather resistance: Aluminium doors and windows can withstand any kind of harsh weather condition and these are long-lasting. Aluminium is also cheap than wood which is traditionally used for doors and windows. It can be said that aluminium doors and windows are cost-effective.

Minimum maintenance: Wooden doors and windows can be damaged by termites or harsh weather condition and these are needed maintenance every year. But, aluminium doors and windows can be used for a long time without maintenance.

Environment-friendly: Aluminium can be recycled easily and doors and windows made up of aluminium are also eco-friendly.

Color variation: Aluminium doors and windows are available with anodized or powder coating including a wide range of colour. You can get many colour options to choose according to your requirement.

We at Jaipur Aluminium manufacture above-mentioned all kinds of systems using aluminium.