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Residential or commercial buildings are not complete without windows. Windows facilitate entering of natural light and air within the interior areas. You can get the views of the outside scenery through the windows. Additionally, windows allow for entry of natural cool air from the outside which helps to ventilation inside the room. Windows are also essential for safety and help to boost up the aesthetic appeal of inside the buildings. Presently, aluminium windows are used in a wide range. You can purchase the best quality aluminium windows at Jaipur Aluminium.

Advantages of aluminium windows

There are several advantages of using aluminium windows and some of these advantages are as stated below.

Affordability: Aluminium frames for windows are significantly cost-effective compared to the other framing options. It is a strong and economical solution for the window with the achievement of outstanding energy outcomes.

Durability and minimum maintenance: Aluminium can resist corrosion due to different harsh atmospheric conditions. It doesn’t crack, swell, warp or split over time. It includes minimum maintenance and ensures longevity. Aluminium windows are anodized and powdered coloured to provide extra protection and attractive looks.

Flexibility for designs and shapes: Aluminium windows are available in different types of shapes and designs as aluminium is featured with flexibility and strength.

Availability of different finishing options: Aluminium windows are available in a great variety of finishing options which are advantageous to match with any kind of decoration. Powder coated aluminium windows offer an attractive finishing look and they don’t require to repainting. Aluminium windows are available in anodizing treatment which can prevent corrosion. This type of window is suitable for exterior as well as interior applications.

Recyclability: Aluminium can be recycled and is eco-friendly sustainable metal.

Types of aluminium window

There are many factors which you need to consider while you are choosing the type of aluminium windows for commercial areas or residential areas. You should think about some basic factors such as space occupied, easy to use and required maintenance. Some types of aluminium windows are given below.

Aluminium sliding window:It can be operated by sliding over from one side to another side. Aluminium sliding windows are a very common type of aluminium window. The operating procedure of this window is very easy. You can glaze them to develop their insulation capabilities and energy efficiency so that it will help you to reduce your electric bills. They need very few parts to install and the maintenance is very easy and simple.

Aluminium bi-fold window: This type of window can be cleaned very easily and it needs minimum maintenance. They offer great access to the outdoor areas and a long term easy and smooth functioning.

Aluminium tilt-turn window: This type of window enables both vertical and horizontal movement. Thus, it helps to enter a great amount of fresh air. This window can be opened inward direction and this is an ideal option for a small balcony. It is also advantageous to clean.

Aluminium casement window: It can ensure to enter breeze within your house. It is hinged at the sides and cranked outward direction. So, you can open them at a suitable angle to funnel in the breezes inside your room.

We at Jaipur Aluminium have several options for aluminium windows including above-mentioned advantages. So, you can choose the right option according to your requirement.